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The United Kingdom is at the forefront in developing offshore renewable energy and this is likely to continue. By applying cutting edge technology and safe working practices, Aerial Vision is determined to support the development and maintenance of this exciting and innovative industry.  Ideally located, based in Scotland, we service our renewable clients locations, the entire length of the country from Norfolk to Thurso. We have long standing commitments, both onshore and offshore, to typical projects such as Muirhall Energy and Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd.

Aerial Vision delivered the first offshore inspection of Sheringham Shoal for Equinor (then Statoil) in 2017. This wind turbine inspection eliminated hundreds of hazardous personnel transfers at sea and lifting operations that would normally be associated with the inspection of 88 offshore wind turbine generators; making it safer than traditional methods could have done. More recently we have completed the first drone inspection of the world’s first operational offshore wind farm, Hywind, for Equinor.

But it’s not just all about blades. Aerial Vision has been supporting  SSE and BOWL during the construction phase of that project. Similarly, for your projects, Aerial Vision data capture can produce the same high quality data and savings during asset integrity inspections of areas other than blades; both GVI and CVI,  of paint, coatings, steelwork and laminates used across the entire structure.

All our operations team are fully GWO qualified, CAA approved, trained in blade inspection techniques and anomaly identification; they are ready to work as part of your project team. Contact us to learn more today.

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