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Using drones to complete offshore Asset Integrity inspection in the O&G sector was pioneered in the UK. The value of such safe and efficient methods to capture high quality data to enable informed decision making is now well established; safety is improved and costs are reduced, when compared to traditional methods of visual inspection. Aerial Vision raises the bar in terms of data quality and can offer a wide range of software analytics tools to our clients.

Aerial Vision can provide you with a digitised solution to your inspection programme. Using our incredibly high quality data capture technology, we can flex our end product to suit your requirement in terms of processing, analysis, reporting and data storage. We can help you realise even further efficiencies by training your inspection personnel to act as the number 2 on a UAS team; giving you even greater control of the product.

Our offshore drone inspection team come fully MIST/BOSIET/FOET qualified and are ready to deploy to support your team. Contact us today to learn more.

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