UAV Construction Photography

Our pilots and flight crew are experience in operating drones / UAVs at safety critical construction projects. Attending construction sites at regular intervals is a valuable and cost effective management tool with the following benefits:

Increase Business
UAV photography can create a powerful and engaging sales tool.

Improve Safety
Perform inspections in potentially hazardous areas without placing any human resources in positions of increased risk. UAVs enable site hazards to be identified and mitigated.

Demonstrate and Share Project Status
Progress can be demonstrated and shared with stakeholders and interested parties, e.g. management team, investors and asset owners. Aerial photography and video provides rich, informative, detailed and engaging data that is not possible to obtain with ground level photography.

Assist Decision Making and Mitigation
The powerful aerial perspective can assist management teams in making key decisions. Progress can be assessed at milestones and hand-overs. We provide inexpensive complete site assessment / documentation and a tool to enable more focussed quality control and a method to improve communication with stakeholders and reduce the likelihood of litigation while increasing defensibility

Material Management
Locations and quantities of assets and materials can be instantly assessed.

Project Reporting
Aerial photography can be used to significantly improve the content of site management team’s monthly reports.

Improve Site Security
Live video feed can help monitor the site for suspicious activity which can be used for crime prevention and enforcement.

Cut and Fill Volumetric and Cost Analysis
Accurately measuring earthworks is essential for managing projects. Using our specialised UAV eliminates the time-consuming activity of a manual survey collecting multiple data points and having to walk over potentially steep, loose and uneven terrain which may require operations to be temporarily suspended or additional safety mitigations to be put in place.

Once a site has been flown with our UAV, we use 3D modelling software to accurately determine cut and fill volumes or import the data into Civil 3D / AutoCAD / GIS for cost and labour analysis.

Pre Concrete Pour Analysis
Before pouring concrete the existing conditions of the site, including actual electrical and plumbing conduit placement can be surveyed and overlaid with plans to ensure correct placement and prevent costly mistakes.

Should drilling or coring be required after the concrete is poured the exact location of post-tension cable and rebar are known.

BIM Modelling
Our UAV produce 2cm level detail over the entire site enabling accurate baseline BIM modelling and progression as the assets are being constructed.

Below is an extract from the construction of Siemens Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Blackhillock Substation.