Aerial Vision provide outstanding customer support and take pride in developing strategic long term client relationships.

Scottish Renewables, Director of Communications

Scottish Renewables uses images to communicate complex policy positions in a compelling and thought-provoking way. Onshore wind is one of our most photogenic sectors, so we’ve always had a good image gallery, but recent work has demanded something more – and that’s where Aerial Vision comes in.

We wanted to show the jobs and the skills which come from the sector, and his images do just that. They’re striking, sharp and colourful, and show the sector as being about more than just turbines.

Aerial Vision is a professional organisation with which it’s a pleasure to work.

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd, Project Manager

Aerial Vision completely understands our absolute commitment to working safely and closely coordinates with our construction teams both onshore and offshore to plan and prepare activities in order to deliver great images and footage of the project.

Various members of the team have been quick to commend Aerial Vision on their safe operating practices and attention to detail, which is praise indeed.

RJ McLeod, Health and Safety Officer

Aerial Vision have supplied us with excellent imagery, on a regular and ad-hoc basis, enabling us to both identify and to address areas of compliance quickly and easily, over difficult terrain. The live feed(s) from their time lapse cameras have enabled us to have easy recognition of work progression and achievement over the course of contracts.

The quality of the images allow for A-Zero printing and thence display, facilitating easy group discussion and allocation of works, as well as a point of reference via PC screen when required.

The drone technology available to us today is an excellent tool, and with the quality of service Aerial Vision provides, in conjunction with their state-of-the-art equipment, we will continue to make use of their skills to facilitate ours at every opportunity.

Muirhall Energy, Managing Director

Muirhall has worked with Aerial Vision for some time and throughout 2018 will continue to benefit from their excellent sub millimetre quality of data. Our experience has been very positive, receiving inspection reports within a week of inspection and when necessary, critical wind turbine safety and performance issues have been escalated on the day of inspection.

Aerial Vision’s personal and methodological approach demonstrates an exemplary approach to safety and risk mitigation, providing Muirhall Energy with excellent customer service and complete confidence in their results.

Atkins, Principal Marine Scientist

Atkins Ltd used Aerial Vision to take and create the Kincardine Offshore Windfarm visualisation photos used for the Project Environmental Impact Assessment.

Aerial Vision were very responsive to the Project requirements and were able to attend the various Project viewpoints at short notice due to weather delays. Data returns and accuracy of photos taken were extremely good and the processing speed was greatly appreciated by the Project.

Ecotricity, Project Manager

Ecotricity have worked with Aerial Vision on a number of projects and have been impressed with the work. The dedication to waiting for the right weather window is commendable even going out over the Christmas holidays.

Aerial Vision are reliable and happy to help at short notice; delivery and execution of work have ensured project delivery has remained on target. Pleasure to work with Aerial Vision.

Sarens, Marketing and Communications Manager

Aerial Vision is the drone company you need to cover any project. Their creativity does not jeopardise safe practices when shooting.

It is always a pleasure to work with Aerial Vision.

Levenseat, Communications Manager

Levenseat Recycling and Waste Management use Aerial Vision for inspection and topographic surveys.

We have a complex mixed waste recycling facility. Aerial Vision mitigated our safety concerns flying inside a building and provided exemplarity high detailed photography and video which enabled us to make critical decisions which otherwise would have required an expensive shut down and persons working at height.

Our topographic survey requirements are challenging due to access restrictions and ground hazards. This is where Aerial Vision’s use of drone technology excelled and the resulting data set exceeded our expectations.

In addition to quality of data, Aerial Vision’s quality of service is exceptional and Levenseat feel a valued client.