We have considerable experience using UAV / drones to inspect wind turbines. We use custom UAVs with specialised ground stations for wind turbine inspection and offer world leading standard of inspecting ten turbines in a day and operating in wind speeds up to 15 m/s.

Wind turbines blades require regular inspections. This is traditionally achieved using a three-person rope access team where experienced rope climbers descend each blade from the turbine hub. Not only is this a slow labour intensive process, there are clearly health and safety issues that need to be mitigated.

drone wind turbine inspection

Using a UAV eliminates all these health and safety issues and is ideally suited for post blade installation; commission inspection; periodic in service inspection and scheduled maintenance; end of warranty inspection; damage investigation and due diligence assessment.

We are licensed and insured to inspect wind turbines both on and off shore. GWO / Renewables UK Full Safety Trained and registered on WINDA Portal. For further information please see our renewable energy website.

drone UAV wind turbine inspection