drone UAV aerial inspection

We use the new Yuneec H920 professional multirotor hexacopter for drone UAV asset inspections. The six rotors ensure total safety and have redundancy as the drone can operate with two motor failures. Its light weight carbon fibre design enables a flight time of forty minutes.

The drone is fitted with a high quality image stabilised camera with 18x zoom capabilities that can record video as well as still photography. The high magnification zoom lens enabled the drone to maintain a safe distance from its subjects while providing exceptionally detailed footage, thereby enhancing safety in difficult circumstances for example close to people, buildings, hazardous situations etc.

The camera feed can be viewed on the controller and also connected to a separate monitor enabling an inspector / engineer to view the footage while instructing the drone pilot.

Due to our exemplary and audited safety procedures the CAA has granted Aerial Vision an exemption to standard drone flying rules and we are allowed to operate both within congested areas and with a minimal distance to third party persons, vessels and structures. Ordinarily drones are not allowed to fly within congested areas and this is defined as "any area in relation to a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes". This allows us to perform inspect work that is out with the realms of most drone operations.