drone UAV aerial surveying

Drones are ideally suited for UAV aerial surveying. We are experienced working with landscape architects and related consultancies. Longitude, latitude and altitude are recorded for all filming and photography to enable precise and accurate analysis and modelling.


CAA rules allow a drone to fly over privately owned land as long as operating safely. Benefits of a drone inspection / survey compared to traditional land methods include:
  • Drones are more cost-effective
  • Site work can be carried out quicker
  • There is reduced exposure to risk for surveyors
  • Limited ground access is required on site
  • Inaccessible / hazardous areas can be surveyed remotely
  • Drones offer improved data – topographical information plus high-resolution aerial imagery


Applications include:
  • Aerial photography / modelling
  • Survey route corridors, access routes, land area / boundaries
  • Review land features e.g. topology, drainage, usage
  • Geospatial mapping (3D GPS terrain modelling)
  • Discretely assess (sensitive) receptors
  • Survey landscape character e.g. wild land areas
  • Carry customer specific instrument up to 4kg